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Clear and clear PE water supply and drainage hot-melt docking site!

November 22, 2022
1. The PE drainage pipe can be connected by hot melt, such as by socket or butt joint. If the diameter of the pipe is relatively small, below DN63 mm, it is more suitable to adopt the method of socket connection.
2. In the specific operation, it is necessary to choose a hot-melt butt welding machine. First, heat the machine to a certain temperature, such as the heating temperature of the PE pipe reaches 230 degrees. After melting, press the two parts that need to be connected, and after cooling and fixing, the purpose of connection can be achieved.
3. You can also choose the way of electrofusion connection. To use an electrofusion welder, insert the pipe into the inside of the machine, melt the surface, and after cooling, the pipe and pipe fittings can be electrofused together. The connection method is very stable and the sealing performance is good.
4. The PE drainage pipe can also be directly connected by flange, select the flange ring of the same specification, and then firmly connect the PE pipe through the flange plate, and the pipe and pipe fittings can achieve the effect of connection.